William Lee Barefield III, better known as Trip Lee, has recently caused a bit of a stir .The Reach Records Christian hip hop Rapper will be droppin’ his fourth project The Good Life on April 10th. Here is the official album cover to which some questions and eyebrows have been raised.

Some have branded Trip Lee as the ‘Latest Illuminati member’, we asked some people what they thought about the cover, view some responses below.
Joanne: ‘It must be that he’s sold his soul to the illuminati his right eye is uncovered and the line represents one-third of the Rocafella diamond.

Derek: This is funny to me this is Trip lee we are talking about… he is repping Christ slash over my face in a photo would mean that I am not the star of the show but a mere messenger used for the Glory of God….

Peter: I would love to know what exactly the meaning behind the cover is. I’m not completely convinced that there isn’t some hidden meaning behind it, but I will wait to hear what he has to say. For those who believe there is nothing to read into it, I would love to hear what you believe this album cover is saying and how you drew that conclusion.

Check out this tweet from Lecrae (also from Reach Records) :

It’s easy to criticize, Let’s not get unfocused on what truly matters, like the world does.
We Cant wait for this album! What are your thoughts?

74 Responses

  1. GodFearing

    It’s simply just imagery showing that “the good life” isn’t found in him, or better yet, not found in ourselves. It’s only found in salvation through Faith in Christ Jesus. Illuminati…please…if it were a reference to the illuminati then there would assuredly be more than just the crossing out of the one eye. There would be visible pyrimids for sure, but since the only “evidence” is the uncovered eye and the slash itself then it’s pretty safe to say that Trip IS NOT an illuminati.

    • chupez559

      look at it as it is, of all things y the covered eye?have you not seen the video were he has the mark of the beast changing gods word and symbolizing that christians will get persecuted for having it as if it isnt the mark of the beast wen who ever has that mark will b punished for it.There nothing but sell outs making words ryme making a living off of twisting gods word, lecrea is in his label, he got a grammy nominee which the illuminatti satinist own that industry, y would they even consider christians?unless there messing with the true gospel and tweeking it and us fall for it…do your research man!

      • serious cheese

        i agree with you. you have to look for this stuff,its not going to jump out into your face and say “lookee here.illuminati clue for you.”

  2. Lou

    Its amazing how we take our own brothers and sisters in Christ, and in the same manner as Nero, set them ablaze before the public eye. (The world) Surely we have more discernment to know that a true affiliate of the Illuminati will never want Christ to be the center of attention. As a matter of fact, Christ wouldn’t be presented so thoroughly as to where souls are being saved, set free, delivered, and self examinations taking place in the body of Christ. The Illuminati does not have the impressing power that will change a multitude of men,women,boys and girls to SERVE one another as Christ did for us. It only looks to be served. I believe what Trip is saying is that the good life is not in an image, but in the lifestyle of Christ which comes through transformation. Can’t wait to hear the good news of the new album!

    • dbz

      Hello I believe its ok to ask questions. Its a little different that “oops I cheated on my spouse” and repent. Illuminati is a decision to make covenant with the other side. for what ever reason.

  3. uncle g

    i think that we are too quick to look for fualts,yes we should be on the alert but not paranoid come on.then i say the devil is sly and sneeky he could use the hip hop spirit to enter the church and he has gotten it right,these gospel rappers think they spreading the news and salvation of the bibles JESUS,when in actuallfact they spreading the hip hops jesus satan is using these cats to get many souls to listen and be into hip hop,we should not be conformed to this world and all its nice things it has to offer,you can not be saved and still be a thug or a player etcwhen you get saved you lay down the old man ,thats the reason y we get baptised by water.the spirit of hip hop has grown big and we should be on the alert as i said.choose who you will serve and choose your music carefully be a follower of JESUS and not these hip hop cats. selah.

  4. truth

    Guys guys guys!……. Lol. If you guys were watching Trip Lee’s upcoming albums trailer videos, he is presenting “I AM NOT A ROBOT” this is the reason why he is plainly crossing himself out which is representing that he is NOT a “robot” which means he is mot conforming to this world of the things of this world. Long story short he is “sacrificing” his flesh and living for Christ alone. 😉

  5. Jay Bee 71

    I hope that this IS some of us making too much of the album cover, as LeCrae says in his Tweet response. However, KNOWING that people will draw certain conclusions based on the ‘one eye’ visual on the album cover and its affiliation with Iluminati, why even put it out there to then have it talked about? Even if this was the FURTHEST thing from Trip and Reach’s intent…it still will draw criticism. It’s too bad because we should be talking about the album and trip pointing to Christ.

    • William Bontrager

      He was awful dismissive in his tweet response, almost joking and sarcastic. The scriptures tell us that, Paul, who was not offended by eating meat sacrificed to others, said that he would never eat meat again if it meant to offend a weaker brother. My point is, the one eye thing is no longer a secret. Trip cannot plead ignorance, and obviously knows the meaning that has been given to it, as an agent of Satan, and knows that it is causing some to stumble.

      • Hab1v5

        We have been saved by grace to show the love of God, not become a judge for God. Wind your neck in people!! Trust that God has everything in order and just continue to bless and love people just as he has called us to. Mark 12:30-31.

  6. John

    Firstly the devil will not use people to make disciples for Jesus Christ.He hates God.He is against Christ.These guys are promoting Jesus and satan like Jay-Z and others.
    The other thing that I know is that God has given us all gifts and talents,(not satan).To make his name great. Imagine all were just playing drums.No other gift or talent in this world we live in.Boring it would be.
    We all look different and we have different gifts. How are we using it?
    The devils hates Jesus and they love Jesus.What’s up with these guys that do these

    • dbz

      The Devil is more slick than you think he can hide things in plain site. I bought album and it is good Is he a member? only time will tell. I wont search hard to find out it will just come to the surface.

  7. dbz

    Well It was hard for me to purchase the album at first because of the cover. but I did and the album is good. Is he a member? maybe maybe not. If he is he will not be able to hide it it would come to the surface after a while give it some time. Also If he is truly not it those who are members will look at his cover and believe he is one of them. So time will tell on this one.
    We shall all see in a bit. like I said bought album its good.

  8. MJ

    Its sickening how our OWN family will be so quick to rip to shreds OUR OWN FAMILY – BASED ON AN ALBUM COVER!

    I ask this: has anyone talked to lecrae? Trip lee? Has anyone heard their answer? Like for reals people, criticizing like this without concrete evidence, you are in fact the one who is playing games for the devil.

    It’s honestly sad how terrible we treat our own family. Now wonder so many people bate Christians…look what we do even to just each other!

    Everyone is so quick to blame satan, your actually giving him undue credit and power by doing so. Just pray people, and seek the Lord. Let God deal with each man according to his own sin.


    • William Bontrager

      If you had a brother practicing witchcraft in your house, would you condone it? If he had some tarot cards laying around, or wore shirts with triangles and eye seeing eyes on them, or hung out with Lil Wayne all of a sudden, wouldn’t you be wary? Stop trying to guilt trip those that are only doing what the bible tells us to do, which is, test the spirits to see if they are of God. We are not accusing anybody. we are simply pointing out things that caution us as believers that want to be closer to Jesus Christ.

  9. jimmy

    c’mon y’all! Haters are just looking for ways to discredit this dude! remember when Lecrae’s album cover caused its own stir? People were saying the 3R on his Rehab album cover was 666?! Y’all remember? The truth is only God Knows His true servants. Let’s give Trip the benefit of a doubt. By the way, he’s my favourite!

  10. kip

    I don’t know if you noticed Lecrae covering one eye in “they like me” video. I also find the broken mirror vfx they using in “I’m good” video. it can mean alot considering the torture in the video. I know the torture is used to tell the story behind the song. But putting torture together with double images of urself can be an indication of a mornach slave. Plus 4:19-20 min of the video the broken mirror is in form of a pyramid in lecrae’s verse.Then they both keep taking photos with only half their face showing hence only one eye. See their website.

    Writing this makes me sad since I love this guys. I just hope am very wrong.


      R u kidding? He covers his eye in “They Like Me” because he is saying he is like a cyborg, seeing things with only one view (he explains it is the blood of the lamb). You need to understand the context.

    • jonny

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      • dudette101

        if u are in illuminati then tell us: is trip lee illuminati or not

  11. Buzy

    The album is great, but these guys are too controversial for my liking.

  12. @gondiski

    Matthew 1:7 says that you should not judge. Who are you to judge? Are you without sin? All of us have fallen short of God’s glory. When satan tries to get to your conscience and wants you thinking that every symbolism is illuminati aided then we are missing the mark.
    Will we now stop buying food cause just some symbol has been laid up on it. If a young child held up a sign unknowingly, would you say that the child belongs to the cult?

  13. joan

    leave him alone.he’s now reaching souls for christ through his songs. ”TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM’ leave him alone!!!

    • William Bontrager

      We as Christians have to examine if he is anointed or not. There is an enemy you know.

  14. Single Eye

    The cover is blatant. It is meant to cause division and speculation. The “Fallin” video is clear. In it, an angel (seraph, Five) is falling to earth. Sound familiar? He struggles between darkness and light then levitates near the end. Be not deceived. Only believe.

  15. Joseph Muniz

    Here we go again with all this illuminati crap -___- you guys think everything is illuminati. If a guy walks around with an eye patch for you guys he’s reppin’ illuminati. It’s ironic how you guys are misinterpreting everything you see and turning it into some conspirasy crap.

    • Karen (and that is my REAL name)

      I hate to hate, but truth is truth: People who brush off the illuminati “conspiracy” only give them more power. They put it your face and because it’s so controversial and obvious most people who are being deceived will make comments like “you guys think everything is illuminati.” Please stop sleepwalking and just do some hardcore research. The evidence is there and if the naysayers don’t get a clue then they the illuminati will continue its worldwide deception. I mean no disrespect please understand that, but speaking from a former “fan” of Lecrae, Trip, Sho Baraka, Tedashi,and having attended two of their Unashamed concerts, I am able to see things in a different perspective.

    • William Bontrager

      Yeah, your right. Because mainstream media tells you that it is conspiracy theory, then surely there is no truth behind it. Come on! That is like me watching a hollywood movie, loosely based off a true story, and then fully believing every thing they present in the movie as fact. Like David Chapelle said, “the one thing you shouldn’t call somebody is crazy, its dismissive.” Especially if you haven’t already done the research to examine the claims.

  16. nevender

    The cover may be a marketing gimmick. The message seems to be consistent however, even the video itself of fallin’ he ends up going back up.. so err…..

  17. Stachelle Hothead Joseph

    there is no real proof>so it is not true a real illuminati member will make it the least obvious the sigh which represents them!!!! so come up with a more sensible idea PLEASE!!!!!! and one which makes more sense and is not a disgrace. Cant say idk most things but this is one that is closest to the truth.

  18. Karen (and that is my REAL name)

    I beg to ask then why does Lecrae throw up the devil horns in a lot of his videos? I don’t believe it to be a coincidence. The illuminati put their symbolism in PLAIN sight, just google illuminiati and throw in Rhianna’s name, or Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna, etc and you will find numerous images from videos to album covers to photo shoots with illuminati symbolism. Once I became aware of these obvious symbols; the one eye being the main one being used, I haven’t able to view a lot of the media the same. The bible clearly states there will be numerous false prophets and I can attest that the more I learn and do mad research, the more aware I am. Yes only GOD Himself knows the true intentions of Reach Records and their artists. The point I hope to make is that it sure doesn’t look good for these illuminati symbols to be making its way into their videos and photo shoots. One more thing to add, again do your research, google: Lecrae Obey shirt, and please, please help me understand why Lecrae a “Christian” rapper, is sporting this shirt with it’s obvious symbols? And what’s with the “13 letters curriculum?” I was in denial too until I couldn’t help but see it. I had a lot of Reach’s albums, but no more. Just because you rap about Jesus, talk about Jesus, doesn’t necessarily mean you serve Jesus. To God be the glory! Thank you.

  19. Unashamed

    People are quick to judge.SOme Christians are also quick to judge ans assume, especially when it comes to other christians. Trip Lee, illuminati? Most have forgotten that Trip Lee is a follower of Christ so why would he join illuminati? Illuminati goes against everything Christ-based and would not want to produce something which is Christ centred.
    Also, Christian hip-hop and rap does not in anyway give glory to or worship satan. Why must people place God in a box and limit Him and where and how we can give Him glory? God is God and we should give Him glory in all that we do. Bringing God into something which was, at first, ‘worldly’ is GREAT because God has no limits and should be present in all aspects of our lives. Some people could only like rap/hip-hop and who knows, maybe someone got saved because of this music. If you have a talent in rap or whatever else, why not use it to give glory to God?

    • William Bontrager

      He would join the illuminati because fame, power, the pride of this life, are hard, almost impossible to turn down. Satan had some level of confidence about the power of the lure because he took Jesus up, showed him the kingdoms of the world, and offered him them in exchange for his worship. Jesus answered him with the word, but how many do not? it says we have to be harmless as doves but crafty as serpents.

  20. Unashamed

    Satan is using this as an opportunity to confuse and put you against each other. When satan creates a lie it isnt just a lie, he makes it look like the truth ( eg. eve and the fruit in the garden of eden) as true a this may seem, it may also be false.
    Dont assume without the facts.

  21. Sabah

    As a former occult member I am VERY concerned about this. I too have noticed numerous occultic symbolism. You cannot play around with this stuff. Maybe they are masons/illuminati members. I know for FACT that many churches have pastors who are masons. When one experiences deliverance of unclean spirits many demons manifest from those who either were masons and/or family members known or unknown. So if your pastor can lead a church and be a member of an occultic masonic lodge why not a musician? my son literally cried when he began noticing this in their videos. because of our background we must be extremely discerning of what we allow in our homes and minds. I pray I am wrong. I personally posted on Tripp Lees blog asking him in love to address this. I haven’t checked in a while but he hadn’t responded in over a month. Now I know the brother is busy so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. The enemy uses “christians” all the time to deceive others. With false doctrine and other areas that bring error. Soooo with that said I pray we are all wrong but unfortunately many believe they can have it all. when i was in the occult i was “married” by a “christian” voodoo priestess, go figure


      ok. but he isn’t preaching false doctrine. Maybe you don’t agree with him doing that, but the slash is to show that he is not like the rest of the world. We have to understand the context it is used in. If he was preaching false doctrine, then no doubt there is something wrong.

      • William Bontrager

        He could have slashed any other part of his face, or had a giant cartoon eraser and his image could have faded and in the background to show Jesus, or if he was trying to say he wasn’t a robot, could show a hunched over robot, and Trip Lee stepping out of its back or something…the point is, ask yourself, if I could come up with creative ways to express that idea in the time it took to read your comment, why are artist sticking with these simple signs and images? Why did Pink Floyd put a simple triangle on their Dark Side of the Moon? Why does J-Zee have two diamond shaped hands on his, with all the money he has to hire artists? Why does Toby Mac have an eye on his?

  22. Kenitra

    I agree with what many here have said. Satan is using this controversy to create confusion (discord). I have even been caught in it myself, questioning the merits of these young men’s efforts. But “The Good Life” is one of the most thoughtful albums I have ever heard. There is a very practical message in every song, and I challenge any “Illuminati conspiracy hunters” to find anything in this body of work that is contrary to the word of God. I applaud this young man (Trip) for so fully committing his talents to the Lord’s use. Praise God for young men who have decided to live for Him.

  23. Five

    Have any of you read the liner notes for this album? On the last line in the Thank You’s the following is written: “To the Illuminati… Just playing”.
    Did he know a controversy would arise and decided to make some fun out of it? Or does this mean something else?

  24. stanley

    Christ is transparent. You already understand GOD, because he exist inside every one of us. When non/christian Men posing as Men of god, does things that cause Confusing, its done to pull people away from the Truth. I never accepted Trip Lee, or Lecrae as Christians. They are the Devil

  25. sincereluv4life

    There’s nothing wrong w/ questioning what an album cover means from a Christian artist. Those purchasing his music are gonna want to know what’s behind the symbolism. I understand Lecrae’s frustration at the gossip that goes on w/ music artists, but a simple explanation as opposeed to sarcasm would’ve sufficed.

  26. JesusFollower

    I agree with sincerelove4life, that an explaination would b necessary. But one thing, those judging, rather than looking for symbolism and judging the style, listen to the lyrical content. Watch their interviews. If these aren’t presenting false doctrine, then complain, and I will be quick to turn from listening to them

  27. Dakota

    You andrew are dead wrong, i went to one of his concerts and he is the absolute best rapper i have ever seen and heard

  28. christian

    Trip lee seems to me fake because in the video hero it seems to me that he agreed to the mark of the beast….

  29. aaron weeks

    honestly a person would have to be an utter fool to believe any members of the 116 clique are satanic or a part of the “illuminati”,nowhere in the bible does it set aside a spot for all the devil signs ,so all of this talk about how lecrae,trip lee, and T-dot are satanic is false.Anyone who says they are is judging that person, and im 100% that thats one of the 10 commandments “do not judge others”you are just as bad to judge them, you can find this in the begining of chapter 2 in romans, unless your god you cant say whether a person is a part of the illuminati,or any other satanic cult, i doubt any of yall know trip lee or lecrae etc. spiritually, mentally,emotionally, or physically.your basically saying your going to worship “humans”not god ,like i said god didnt make these signs or else it would be in the bible , the only mark of the beast is the integer 666. and yet you call yourself a “christian”.XD

  30. aaron weeks

    the illuminati is suppose to be a secret cult, so people wouldnt go around saying “welcome our new members”

    • yo boy79

      Ok..so i’ve heard everyones comments..let’s see if we hear an album or à messege speaking against this force..known as the illuminati…God bless

  31. GS

    its so funny how the bible saids love one and protect ur bros and ur sis’s, but yet we talk about them quicker than we help them, so before you talk about people make share its to encourage and up lift people insted of being back stabbers.

    • William Bontrager

      Sorry everyone. These are blatant occult symbols, and just because somebody is talented, you enjoy them, they are your role models, does not make it of God. Jesus, in his word, warned us of false prophets, lying spirits, Antichrist spirits. Why would he put these verses in the bible if this wasn’t a legitimate concern for Christians? The bible warns not to judge? It says we will judge angels! It also tells us in some cases to give those involved in sin up to Satan for their punishment. It also tells us to judge ourselves with the same measurement, so lets see..do I throw up the devil horns, wear shirts with hidden meanings, or write songs that twist the tale of the mark in Revelations? No. Now I can judge, and test the spirits, because God also told us to do just that. See to it that you are not guilty of idol worship when you disbelieve what is right in front of your face, literally eye to evil eye, with the truth.

  32. Ryan Musowe

    Whatever he does when the night comes is non of my business,what i get from him is the gospel so i dont care if he believes in not the Christ….

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    • Yeah!

      Man this just makes me upset man i used to look up to them and now what dang!! :\

    • Yeah!

      and also look at lecrae’s album the song church clothes what he says

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  39. Titus Yusinyu

    Well lets judge righteous judgement people. Listen to the music, does it inspire you towards God or tend to draw you away from Him in some way? IT takes the

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  41. ShaddySHARK

    mine is a piece of advice to da 116 clique squad, da Bible says give wats caesar’s nd God’s respectively. I definitely believe dat u guys r aware of da cult symbols nd 4 dat matter leave those symbols to dem if indeed u r Jesus’ reps. let ur videos nd album covers depict issues relating to da Gospel. Jah Bless y’all #Ghana

  42. Marcus

    So let me get this straight… A person can rep Jesus the Christ all day every day, but all that is void because of a pattern on an album cover or in a person’s posession? So in other words you are saying the mark of the beast is the illuminatti symbols.(Plural) and without those marks no man can buy sell or trade? Well the illuminatti symbol is printed on money. And everyone in the united states use money to live. If sharing the Gospel to people who have not heard the gospel and winning them over to Christ was the only way to store riches up in heaven, how rich would you be in heaven when you got there? My guess is, the majority of people on these threads never win anyone over to Christ, instead they use the bible/double edged sword to slice flesh and cut down people when it wasn’t meant for that. it was meant to penetrate the soul and spirit and cut down and destroy the demonic influence behind a particular person and build that person up at the same time. not bash them.
    Matthew 7:1-2
    1″Do not judge so that you will not be judged.
    2″For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.

    Those of you who have a passion for hating and exposing the spirit of illuminatti. Keep that up, you have a calling on your life by God.
    Just remember, we do not war against the flesh, but against the principalities in high places. You just have to re-channel that hatred from towards the flesh in the right direction towards the actual spirit that is influencing that brother or sister in Christ. Dig into the bible and ask God to give you a supernatural love, compassion, mercy and understanding of deliverance, so that you can flow into your ministry at Harmony with the Holy Spirit. God is building up a remnant of believers who are willing to go out in the world shine their light, and love on the lost and take authority of the principalities in high places that cause people to do evil. Seek God in these days and ask him to get your heart in line with his will. It is written that God died for the world so that they could be saved. So if a person does not believe in Christ, it is only because a demonic spirit has blinded that person. It is up to us as believers to know how to use our tongue and goto war with the unseen dark forces, and to set the captives free. If it is God’s will for all to be saved, then we have to realized Jesus lives in the believer and when we stand in agreement in unity with the body of Christ and proclaim God’s will, then God will back it up, and you will start to see miracles in people’s life. People who were drug addits, prostitutes, self-righteous, hypocrits, rebellious, atheists.. God will move on their hearts because of your prayers and compassion towards them and transform them from the inside out. and if we all stood in unity, we would send demonic forces fleeing in different directions by the thousands!! God bless you all!!

  43. Marcus

    God will judge us no on how much we could endure but on how much we could love.

    Matthew 22:36-40
    36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

    37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a]
    38 This is the first and greatest commandment.
    39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b]
    40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

  44. Bryon

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