Calvin C-Rod Rodgers who is famously known as Fred Hammonds drummer, he is also a Producer from Chicago, who has worked with some of the most elite in gospel, jazz and RnB

Unfortunately Calvin was attacked in a malicious way yesterday, reports are in that he was robbed and beaten at gunpoint last night in front of his pregnant wife, which left both of his arms broken.

Fred Hammond has posted several tweets, begging people to please keep his family and Calvin’s Family in your prayers.

What an evil world we live in, as tragic as this is, something about it makes it suspicious; a drummer gets both of his arms broken in front of his family. Sounds very organized to us.

Please keep everyone involved in your prayers.

Watch some footage here from Fred Hammond and Kevin  Camp 

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  1. Kmac

    Calvin we praying for you,u keep you head up always remember whoever did this (can’t do wrong and get by)

  2. Mr Meshek Quailey

    I just cannot believe this has happend to my drummer. I pray the people who did this will and must get caught. Calvin Rodgers must be given back what has been robbed from him and Compensation for the works of his occupation. And I totally agree Fred Hammond– It was definately organized. I Rebuke the plan of Satan as Jesus Christ my Saviour stands in CHARGE of this Undeniable Malicious Attack.

  3. Marcus From Miami

    Bra, From What i just read, this wasn’t random,I don’t know if your into something, but you need to think real Hard of someone making a jealous comment, or maybe you & another Drummer,or your Band was competing,or auditioning for a job against another Band. because this was a set up,& it’s someone you Know.[I live by MOSES LAW] U feel got 7×70 time to repent daily.I’m out

  4. samuel

    Calvin u are heal n u will still be a blessing to me and my fellow drum,no wepon formed against u shall prosper,I. Miss u and we all miss in Nigerian at the Experienceu are heal in jesus name Amen,love u the incredible. Calvin Rodgers

  5. lunga (SA)

    though this may be late but Calvin this is the beginning of it all God wouldnt have used someone whom he didnt test so the whole world is waiting for the great blessing you are .you are more than a qonquer

  6. damola adeoye

    This is unbelievable. My mentor, God will surely put those criminals in the bondage they will never be loosed. I pray for you quick recovery in Jesus name. I love you. Take care

  7. Elliott James

    I am saddened. I am shocked. I am disappointed. I feel interrupted. I just read this and if i can just say that my heart breaks for you Calvin and everyone who is affected by this tragic event. Even as a christian i gotta say i hope whoever has done this is apprehended and punished to the fullest degree. Calvin is at the top of my list of major influences. I pray that God heals you up and makes you stronger and better than ever.

  8. Uduak jackson

    Calvin i am bless when i see u ministering on the drum. As long as i know the lord is on the throne His promises for u wl never be cut short by anybody or devil. U wl continue to fulfil d blessing of God for ur life and for me and others who belivers in ur ministry in Jesus name Amen. Pls get well soon…! Luv u kip praying for u and ur family. Uduak from Nigeria

  9. Asemota Israel

    Calvin your gonna be alright, not by our own thinking and five senses but strictly by the Grace anf Divine Favour of God, who is the Healer, And to all those who took part in commiting this Evil deeds let God have mercy on them, because if He should judge them equally, by their actions then i dont think they would survive the rot., doing that to a vessel of Praise, creating and setting the standard to millions of Gospel music lovers all over the world……….
    Get well calvin, and when You do, which i know you would, dont relent in giving all Glory to the one who Deserve it.. GOD.

  10. mluleki mpungose

    Wishing mr Rodgers a rapid recovery, and we still want to see him play, he has inspired many young drummers. South Africa loves you sir


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