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What happens when you are a Multi – Award recording artist , A TV presenter and undeclared comedian? – Too many fans friends. Faithchild celebrated his 25th birthday at one of the finest Argentinean restaurants in London – Gaucho City alongside close friends and family. Well a few people got a tad bit too emotional about the no-invite situation

His Statement below:

“As you know, I turned 25 in Nigeria, right? Yes, ok. I wasn’t going to celebrate it in London as I didn’t have £8k for the boat party I initially wanted which would take up to 200 people for all my peoples to come, but my familia and peeps had their way. When I got back to London a dinner was put together for me last minute and some of my family and friends were invited to it. There was limited seating therefore it was out of my hands as to how many people could be invited. Pictures were taken and I wasn’t going to upload them to social media as it may look like a slap in the face of those who weren’t invited. But the images got leaked today (why does this now sound like it was an X-rated movie!? lol) despite my wish for them to be off social media. As a result, my phone has been popping off by people who feel offended by not being invited and some have gone to the extent of deleting my number. Yeah some actually have done that. I just want to apologies. As I said, it was out of my hands. You taking offence just shows the love you have for me and I appreciate that. Not receiving an invitation is not a reflection of our friendship. Just know that I love you” Sorry once again. Have a great evening. PS: You’re still welcome to send gifts to my house. Thanks”

Its safe to say that his apology has been accepted after his heartfelt, in-depth apology LOL

Pictures taken by renouned photographer Ayo Oduniyi for AO Media


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