MiDé’s Concert Review

On Tuesday 3 June 2014, MiDé played the last show of his seven stop ‘E.G’. Tour at the Underbelly, London.

This Hoxton-inspired, underground venue, had a great turn out. The audience were treated to the rock sounds of the 4-piece band, Nights, and the sultry vocals of supporting act Juliyaa.  Two very different genres. Two great accompanists to MiDé’s acoustic soul melodies.

Following the successful release of his latest project ‘E.G’ in March, MiDé has been wowing crowds in Canterbury, Birmingham, Bristol, London, Manchester and Nottingham. Performing popular tracks from his album, MiDé has been able to engage with a wide range of listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

As the event had no host, there was a fluidity to the event that really made it unique.  With little, cajoling from the artists, the listeners were very responsive and many of them sang along to MiDé’s more popular tracks. The headliner also debuted one the more controversial tracks on his album, saying that he had never performed it live before. ‘Hilda’ went down well with the crowd with many joking about whether MiDé and ‘Hilda [were] having a baby’.

All in all, this show was a huge success and we can’t wait until the next dates for MiDé tour are released.

E.G. is available to buy on iTunes and Amazon now.

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